Private Investigations

These activities are considered to be particularly complex and delicate, because they are designed to detect abnormal behavior and certain situations that due to the nature of the environment in which they occur for persons belonging to the sentimental sphere, thus covering an aspect of considerable importance for the serenity of the customer and loved ones, as they allow to highlight any improper and unlawful conduct of loved ones. For this reason the Studio Tecnico Investigativo Galileo s.r.l. aims the conduct of investigative services by adopting specific operating methods to ensure discretion and confidentiality of customer, employing qualified staff, supported by appropriate technological tools.

INVESTIGATIONS REGARDING YOUR PARTNER: If you think it necessary to dispel any doubts that you have come to establish in couple dynamics, thus undermining the solidity of the relationship and the continuation of the emotional relationship. The most common activities are:

– Premarital investigations designed to detect any unwelcome behavior, which could adversely interfere with the relationship of mutual trust needed to address the near future torque, or underline economic interest situations (such as sums of money , header properties, obtain citizenship and more) hidden behind an apparent passionate involvement.
-• Investigations on the loyalty aimed at testing the robustness of the relationship if there have been any uncertainty arising from a change in behavior, or suspicious situations such as phone calls or outputs in abnormal times.
• gathering of evidence for cases of separation or divorce aimed at documenting unfair and illegal activities of the partner, incompatible with the marriage relationship and respect of conjugal duties, such as infidelity, gambling, alcoholism, acquaintances equivocal and more.
• checks for the determination or modification of maintenance necessary to determine whether the maintenance paid by the former spouse is not appropriate to the actual economic situation faced by assessments of business activities unofficial, actual asset capacity and income, availability liquid.

CHILD CUSTODY:when it is considered that the custodial spouse attitudes are not suitable to guarantee the peaceful and proper education of the minor children, you can proceed with an activity directed to the collection of evidence to overturn the judgment of custody in favor of the more deserving parent to enjoy this right (law 54/06 about the joint custody) .This is specifically to acquire tangible evidence of conduct that is contrary to the interest of the child, to determine possible situations of child neglect, to verify the suitability of locations, people and circumstances compatible with the award.

MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT ON THE CHILDREN: the activity aims to shed light on the child’s life, through investigations of relationships, companies and places frequented regularly, possible use of drugs, violent or illegal behavior and suspect availability of money.

CONTROL OF THE NUMBER OF DOMESTIC WORKERS: employed staff, in various forms, as a domestic worker is constantly increasing, these people by the nature of work are in close contact with your loved ones, having also access to confidential information on your family and on your habits, not always the level of professionalism and moral correctness expressed by these figures is adequate for the trust placed in them, so the service is intended to check the real substance of the work and any other matters, also in relation to the private sphere, not in keeping with the role assumed by the employee.

SEARCH FOR MISSING PERSONS aimed at identifying individuals who,for various reasons, have moved away from the original social contest through appropriate IT tools and field investigations, carried out on national territory and abroad.

INVESTIGATIONS ON CONTROVERSIAL LEGACY: concern specifically the identification of those having the right to inherit, verification of possible distractions of goods from the axis hereditary, controls on indirect donations that can hide cases of simulated trades.

Private Investigations