Investigative Area

It aims to meet the needs of multiple parties, such as private, public institutions, industries, businesses and associations, employs highly qualified staff, with proven expertise in investigative techniques, supported by the latest technological tools, for the resolution of any type of investigation on all the national territory and abroad.

Consulting Area

Aimed at companies both public and private, it consist of actions tending to identify, prevent, reduce or neutralize the risks associated with the resources, knowledge, programs and communications to be protected. The extension and modification of harmful events that threaten the company’s assets must be aware of a new organizational culture of security, leading to the creation of global security projects, aimed at protecting: tangible and intangible assets, information and personnel.

Events Area

Prevent potentially dangerous situations for the safety of people, the integrity of the premises, the proper conduct of demonstrations and events, consequent on the occurrence of criminal events, requires qualified professionals to meet the different conditions of risk. To meet the diverse needs, we identify different areas of activity, providing specialized professionals, from specific training programs, possessing special skills in the identification of risk and the reaction to the threat.

Security Area

The General Security has a very wide application. We have total security in the absence of danger. In an absolute sense, it is a concept difficult to translate in real life even if the application of safety standards makes the occurrence of adverse events more difficult and accidents and always results in a better quality of life.

Security systems

The need to protect settlements, people and goods, the risks related to criminal events, such as theft, robbery, sabotage, and more, is a common problem . Our goal is to provide the best solutions in a technological, operational, and investigative level to ensure the highest safety standards.

Hotels and Campsites

We have been working for years in the provision of services for Hotels and Campsites with dedication closely already with several Italian tourist realities in consolidated partnerships. Our services are aimed at hotels, camping sites and structures that need qualified personnel for short or long periods who do not support the permanent staff costs.